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Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
. >> studies connected to a wide range of diseases from obesity to diabetes. >> richmond and her team are launching a startup becaused you byum. a gut level variation on gene sequencing companies like 23 and me. it is head quartered at an incubator lab at ucsf. they believe the project could pay multiple dividends. >> they are turning science into impact. >> clients will receive a kit and send back swab samples taken from different area of the body. hundreds it is sequenced the company hopes to provide valuable clues about an individual's health and lifestyle. >> looks like you are eating more carbohydrates than you think you are or drinking a lot of caffeine. >> it could eventually be compared to other databases as research advances benefiting both individuals and the scientific community and unlocking the mysteries in our own bodies. >> the test concept isn't the only innovation of this project. it is being funded by crowd sourcing. they have signed up more than 350 people in two weeks. prices start at around $70 for a single test. we have more information at >>> the man w
Jan 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
. americans die younger for diabetes and far more to be murdered or be in car accidents. that is despite spending $86700 a year per person on health consider, more than twice what is spent in britain, france and sweden. >>> the creator of the segway is among a group of investors that have decided a stomach pumping machine that makes calorie disappear. it works by sucking the food right out of the stomach so only a third of the calories are actually absorbed. it connects to another device on the outside of the stomach. there you see it in action. one year trial of 24 obese patients people lost about 45 pounds. >>> scientists say it could help unlock the secrets of the universe but we have to get there first. phobos is the larger of two moons orbiting mars. we drew to engineers at stanford that are hard at work of o a new kind of rover. >> its popping and tumbling motion. >> this is an early simulation of a robot in ten years could look like this. a titanium soccer ball covered in spikes. they call it a hedge hog and could one day explore mars biggest moon, a moon that is about the size of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2